I tend to mumble when I say “university”. Such a long word.

Hey I’m back! It’s been a LOOOOOOONG time since I wrote. I’ve had a couple of drafts here and there, but didn’t get to post them for months, since I came to uni. Now most of them are so outdated 😦

Anyway, uni life has been busy (or I just like lazing around). But now that exams and coursework are due soon, it feels good to be doing anything else but study; thus blogging. I don’t know where time has gone. It felt like only weeks ago when I came to England and everything was new. I can go outside with a hoodie, and people called it warm that time. It was warm at 16 degrees! Now the trees has gone bald, and I look like a snowman when I go out. I went down to take the trash out the other night with only a t-shirt (I forgot my jacket, and I decided it was too much work to get one from my room, when I already have a large bin bag full of smelly trash in my hands) and I almost froze to death outside! The cold has definitely turn me into a lazy sloth. I study in my bed to stay warm under my blankets, and more often than not, I fell asleep. I find it very hard to wake up in the morning. My laundry schedule has gone from weekly, to fortnightly, and my most recent one was 3.5 weeks worth of clothes 🙂

But apart from the cold, and long walks to uni everyday, I enjoy the autumn scenery. If it wasn’t that cold, I would love to sit in one of those benches by the lake and finish my essay straight away. But that is very much impossible in this weather, and I’d prefer my bed, thank you.

Layer up! Cheers~ (as the Brits would say)

FAIL could only be the best suited title

YAY I figured out how to blog via phone!!! (Told you im pretty good with tech!) But since im typing this with my oversized thumbs, plus clumsiness, like all my text messages, excuse me for all sorts of wierd typos. It can be REALLY bad, but since this is a blogpost, ill try to be more self conscious.

So anyway, im at my grandparents’ house, in a different city. I usually visit once a year every chinese new year. But considering my plans to leave the country, I came to visit early.

I shall start with how I GET here. I came with my maid, who has agreed to work with my grandparents. Since its her first time on a plane, I’d have to guide her. Everhthing seem nice… and smooth… except for the stupid little errors… and a BIG one coming.

Starting with the ‘meh’ mistake level, I left my brother waiting ouside with my luggage while I check in. It stayed with him longer than I intended :/ . We were saying our byes, and waving, bla bla bla… My mom and brother was about to leave, when they called back to me, with my luggage still on my brothers hand -___-. I put this in a meh level (althought its dumb) because I figured we’ll realize it sooner or later, without it being anyway fatal. So meh:/

Second ‘meh’ of the day was going in the wrong gate. NOT MY FAULT. The screen where they show the gates said C1, and the entrance to gate C1 says Kualanamu. So in I went… Looooong walk. Just to have them point out my ticket said C4. Wat. So looooong walk. And enteance to gate C4 says Surabaya. But I walked in anyway, and turns out it is for Kualanamu. SH airport, YOU NEED TO GET YOUR NAMING RIGHT. Cost me some precious energy to walk. But still, no big deal. I got in at last.

The big deal comes later. I fly. I land. I walk (went out the wrong end/door of the plane – too lazy to elaborate). I bought train tickets for Kualanamu-Medan. The woman said train leaving in 5 minutes. I thought: great, no long waiting time! I asked my maid if she needs a weewee, as theres no toilet on the train for another 45 min. She said okay. 5 minutes seems like sufficient time to do a quick wee. WRONG. Wrong wrong wrong. I was hapilly waiting, taking pictures of my train ticket, when I realized too late, how close the time of departure is. Ironically, I saw it through the lenses of my phone camera. Yay technology. My ticket says 12.56. I looked up to the nearedt clock. 12.56. Nooooooooo. Nonononononooooo. The woman must’ve estimated the time to 5 minute. My brain was still in denial, as I dragged 2 luggages into the bathroom to call for my maid. One moment the train was there. As I look back… Ciao! When stuff like this happens, one would go to the counter and hear the woman say “no refunds”, and buy a new ticket, for the train an hour later. Sigh… So there we were, with our cookies, watching a bird (that somehow managed to fly in the high-ceiling waiting hall) fly around, and wait until the hall fills with lucky-on-time-humans that lives in this world. Now THAT is fatal. I should’ve known… toilet and time, dont go together.

But just as I thought I had enough stupid experiences for a day, my brain went dead when I reached the train station and saw my uncle. See, in chinese, you cant just call your relatives ‘uncle’, or by their names. There are specific terms. For first born, second born, or whether it comes from your mom or dad’s side of the family. So my brain went to brainfreeze trying to recall what I should call him. Like when you forgot someones name, you would gawk, the open your mouth, then close your mouth, zip it tight, mumble something, THEN you say hi, then try and spark a conversation without addressing him in any sort of way. Just prolong your time until your brain unfreeze.  But in my case, it took half an hour in the car ride to remember. Urghhh. Sluggish brain.

So that was another meh moment. Plus this next one. I thought this was the last one of the day. But we’ll see. Here is a house full of old people. So sleeping time starts at 8.30, and ends at 5-6 in the morning. NOT AT ALL SIMILAR to my sleeping cycle. Usually I would just play with my phone until the time I think is a decent hour to start sleeping. But today, my phone battery was on 9% and the nearest plug is meters away from my bed, or anywhere to sit. So I decided to sleep at NINE SHARP. Wierd. But I managed to have a good sleep. That is hntil I woke up and thought it must be near morning. There are motorcycles roaring (but then again there is always motorcycle, thanks to becak motor here), and voices of people (theres a traditional market right in front of the house). I check my phone. Its 1 am. The road in front mustve just been blocked for the mornning market, and people are preparing their stuff this early, while most motorcycles go through the back road. Explains everything. Except the fact that my brain refuses to go back to sleep. Im usually still pretty awake this time. This has got to be the worst jetlag I’ve ever experienced, without the ‘jet’ part. So now you know what brings me here, blogging with my phone. WRONG MOVE.

Yes, I thought I was done. I wrote all about my failures of the day, and was about to publish it. Couldn’t find the publish button. Clicked some random button. Clicked back. Poof. I saved it as a draft once before, after the gate incident. A loooong way back. Sigh…. lots of sighs…. WHAT IS WITH ME TODAY?!

At least they all make exoeriences worth frustating about. My last domestic trip in Indonesia for a long time in the future. I’ll miss this city, bht thats for another post. I think after writing all this, TWICE, my brain is ready for some rest…


Knits and Knots



Anyways, I did not knot. I knit.

The other day, while cleaning up my room, I found some leftover yarns, and get starting again! Turns out it gets less boring, so I improved since that 3-month-scarf -.-

1. Phone case #1


front face – TRINITY STITCH



2. Phone case #2


front side


back side


“Let me take a selfie” ~my phone (#proud of my ingenious way to take this pic;)

3. Beret

(this was meant to be a beanie, but ended up too loose like a beret… but o well:/)


my version of mannequin – my brother!


he looks like a grandma with a large bun from the back (mbok2 ber-sanggul) XD


YAY head-selfies .__. who needs those tongsis/monopod? :/


sorry for the bad edit… need to make it super bright to see the back (on the mirror) clearly

4. Fingerless gloves

(this is just messy and hideous… but at least it keeps your hands warm…-ish. I still made it, so just gonna put it up anyway)



Thanks to the INTERNET for teaching me. I want to try crochet next… but … … … let’s see when I’m in the mood for it again :]

Application Application Application \o/

I haven’t posted in a looooong time (as usual). My inspiration only lasts short term:( But after checking out great stuff a friend of mine has written in her blog, heres another one 😀

Ugghhh.. I really dont know what to write right now. After 2 weeks full of visa visa visa and accommodation accommodation accommodation, I feel like I deserve some more slacking off time; one that involves binge watching again. Back to my original vacation cycle .___. Don’t judge… Visas are a pain in the bum. 

To think back on the past few weeks, visa and accommodation applications might actually be less stressful, if not for my parents’ nags. Visas might be complicated, but they made me nervous. On one hand, I can’t find a reason for the officers to deny my visa; but on the other hand, what if, somehow, I miss something? My dad asked me to recheck the checklist of required documents every single day leading to the appointment (in which I did only around 3 times… I think). As a result, I become paranoid, even now, and maybe until it came out. But as much as I’m worried, it still doesn’t beat how paranoid my parents are -____-.

Being the first in my family to (hopefully) got into uni (let alone study abroad), I can understand their worries and reluctance. But the way I think of it, there are hundreds of students my age setting off so far. I remember my grandfather complaining over the phone, “why are you guys (his grandchildren) going farther and farther away?”; at which I later explained slowly that England is not as far as the US (where my other cousins are studying). Sigh… If I was initially confident, now most of it has worn off. But parents (and grandparents) are there to worry and think about the worst case possible; and my job is to prove them otherwise, and at the same time… well, be careful and survive. Living alone won’t be all that bad, and it’s still an experience I’d like to have.

Anyways, I’m proud to say that I’ve been doing more than just binge watching this week. I’ll get to it in the next post. BYE

School… what school?

I woke up at 8 this morning… to find no one. Except for my maid, which don’t talk much to me. Well, summer’s over, everyone’s life has go on. Except mine. I’m still at home with nothing to do. For 3 months now! Well I did some things, but days just go on with me trying to fill the time. Most of them with movies and tv shows. For one, I just finished a book this morning;

“When each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognise the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises.”

– Paulo Coelho, “The Alchemist”

But, it got me thinking about my brother going to DP for the first time today. He’s taking Physics Chemistry Math as higher levels! Him being a lot like me, I started off with pretty high confidence too. But I sort of failed, giving up Math HL, and it is something I regret. With gaining new friends, and getting closer to them, I also got lazy over the two years. I go chatting and social media more than I study sometimes, with lack of nothing funner to do. So I do hope he stayed up to his confidence and diligence. It also got me thinking to my first ever experience in the DP. I wonder if my brother would remember his, but I still remember mine despite it being over 2 years ago.

Days before school start, I was eager to start DP. I was in the bored phase of the summer vacation. So when the letter regarding homerooms and teachers came, I was excited. I was in the smallest homeroom with Elita. I remember going to school and got lost, as I have no idea where my classroom is. I went around Zheng He, texting Elita, who finally summoned me to Gajah Mada. The old Biology classroom right in front of the printer was pretty empty back then. There’s lots of windows, and one that open right to the front terrasse of Sunda Kelapa. So when I while I went out of Zheng He’s back door, their heads were peaking out the window, shouting at me. In the classroom we laughed with our sleepy eyes; all still wishing we were in our bead till 9 oclock in the morning. After 7.30 passed and no teacher came, we were confused. Finally, somehow, we realised we were supposed to be in ZhengHe chinese piazza. So I was right all along XD ! I met with Katty and Nini, and got a fan from Taiwan (wow I still remember that). Then of course there is noisy Bella and Jane coming along. The whole grade 11s were sitting on the sofas and all over the floor. I, being late, of course got the floor. Our numbers back then was probably almost double the number of us graduating. Mr. Paul gave us a welcome speech, and introduced us to Ms. Tracey, our new grade level leader. We spent the rest of the morning before break there, filling forms, and getting interviewed one by one to make sure our choices of subjects are correct. They changed a bit of this and a bit of that in our schedule. Nini was trying to convince me, and others to join her in Physics. Me being the Physics hater since UNAS happened, refused. There were 2 ITGS classes, and having to make a free choice, I chose the one with Bella and Jane in it. This, of course, effects other classes; being in the other Bio class, and another homeroom. I did not realise this then… After break, we were sent off to DP!

So while everyone was having their first DP lessons, I was in the library alone with another guy (I forgot who… Brian?), playing with my laptop. Instead, my very first DP lesson was English. My first encounter with Ms. Tricia, like the rest of #frienglish classes, was certainly eventful. I came in the class, with a block of table in the middle of room. It’s in a weird shape, with edges and corners. To reach the centre of the table, which have pens and colouring tools, you practically have to lie down more than half your body on the table. The first people I talked to in that class was Vanca and Christabel. Of course, then Bella came. Those times, we were like glued everywhere. We come together, and I’m almost always noisy around her. That stayed till the very end of grade 11. Almost every memories of that year had her in it. Just like how 10th grade had Elita in it, and Jane on 9th grade. Anyway, my first impression of my English teacher was… weird. She shouts through the classroom, as if she was on a stage. Talking to no one in particular, but to all of us, she made slight jokes in her “speech” and asked all of us simple questions. It was awkward that no one answers (which is common with new teachers), but hers was way more awkward, as when she stop talking/shouting, the quietness is so loud. The awkwardness is almost funny. It’s not just the first day either, it pretty much continues throughout the 2 years, but we get better at being audiences. The table talks we have later in grade 12 really helped, though hahahh. But on that first day, we were doing manifestos, and she gives around her usual A3 prints. What a waste of paper. Not as bad as Springs on ecology though. Anyway, to this day, I still remember it was the Holstee Manifesto. Great way to start off, but I didn’t realised it then. That time, it was just another piece of English work I had to read. Boring. That class did change me in a lot of ways. I don’t regret taking LangLit (although I did in grade 11… a lot). My next subjects were Chem, then Math. The ultimate genius school couple teachers. I went from Ms. Jane’s class (where we start talking about elements and compounds right there and then with that tabled worksheets), to Mr. Mark’s class (still HL then). We were late. He asked where we came from. We answered. Your wife.

It was a great first day. Of course, a lot of changes came since then. I was a homeroom with only Nadia, and Brian Jackson as our HR teacher (scary~). A bio class with 20 students, ITGS class with more boys and girls, and Math HL with Elita, Stacy, Adam, WonJun, and Gyu. I wonder what would happen if I’d stayed with the decisions I made in that very beginning of the DP. Would I be a better person? Would I get a higher IB score? Would I make the same friends? What if I took Nini’s offer and went into Physics instead of bio? It’s great how the choice I made that day matters a great deal.

“I don’t live in either my past or my future. I’m interested only in the present. If you can concentrate always on the present, you’ll be a happy man… Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we’re living right now.”

-Paulo Coelho, “The Alchemist”

and of course, let’s end it with the manifesto I started DP with 🙂

In Summer!

As far as I’m aware, I’ve accomplished 3 things off my yet-to-be-made-list of things to do.

#1. Knit! Dumdumdummm… My first ever piece of craft besides friendship bracelets, origami, and cut & stick; a knitted scarf! It’s taken me 1.5 month to knit a 2 meter scarf (which I’m pretty proud of, besides the fact that in that time, my mom finished 2.5 scarfs and 2 beanies). I initially started out with the simplest basic knit, until about 0.5m long, and decided it looks more like raw indomie than fabric. So I took them all off, and restart with knit-two-purl-two ribbing. It’s more tiring, but at least it’s more fail proof; meaning I can knit while reading a book or watching a movie. The moments when I can do that is actually funner, as you’d have your hands working on something, while your brain works on another. Double productivity, YEAH! But that happens only 50% of the time. Other half, I prefer lying around and binge watching, doing nothing, and be a complete piggy couch potato. Anyways… I need to stop ruining it for myself, because hey, at least its done! So here’s pictures:

IMG_8847 20140701_205217

#2. Drink. I don’t like it. Hated it. Tastes awful! Bitter. Everything I imagine when drinking pee. Colour, taste, smell… No offence, but I’d have my Milo. At least I now know how it tastes and that warm feeling you get. Maybe butterbeer would convince me otherwise? (Idk, I just thought that the magic world never fails to enhance stuff in the Muggle world)

#3. Another book! An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. Great book, finished it in 2 days (while knitting, yay!). An interesting book; complete with anagrams, hilarious insults, romance, and eureka moments. Well after reading the book, I had a eureka moment myself. Now let me tell you, this is John Green’s 5th book that I’ve read. Love him. But… turns out HE’S HANK GREEN’S FUGGING BROTHER! The Greens. Hank Green. Crash Course. Biology. One of the glorious people on the internet who saved me from my otherwise doomed IB Bio course grade. Amazing myosin and actin animation! I’m just amazed at those 2 brothers. Now they are the geniuses, while I’m the prodigy (sort of).

“Prodigies can very quickly learn what other people have already figured out; geniuses discover that which no one has ever previously discovered. Prodigies learn; geniuses do. The vast majority of child prodigies don’t become adult geniuses.”

– John Green. “An Abundance of Katherines”

It’s funny how one brother stressed me out, while one brother makes me chill out. Either way, a great deal of knowledge has been imported in my mind, and I’m really grateful.

Lets end this post with a smiley!


Which stone?

IB results out! Now that it’s finally over, I have a clearer picture of where my future goes; and honestly, I’m not too happy about it. Maybe a week’s trip to New Zealand at the end of the month would convince me otherwise. For now, I’m still hanging.

Stepping Stones of Memory – by nwwes, DeviantArt

If life is a stepping stone, I’ve now jumped off my school days stone. I’m now – and had been since May – floating in the air. I’ve learnt countless times in Maths class, that your path forms a parabola when you jump. In that case, I’m right now on the vertex of that parabola. I see my choices, and I can turn anywhere – within my reach. But I’m pretty disappointed at the range in which my jump can reach, since the vertex wasn’t as high as I’d expect (or my teachers expect). The farthest stones are unreachable, but I have a couple of stones nearby I can land on. Which one? Which one is most stable? Strongest? Steadiest? Widest? Which one of the stones would allow me to jump farthest to the next stone? Which ones will bring you to land, and which ones will drown you in the water? Which land? A land full of hospitals, office buildings, industries, theatres, or labs? So much questions; I asked the audience or call a friend, but in the end, it is my choices to make.

Two months ago, when we held an assembly (our very last) in school to thank the teachers; right before we went to study leave, we all had a nostalgia and crying moment. That was when it really hit us that we should all leave this stone we’ve trust our weight on, for 2 years. Before that, it was tiny jumps, skips across small stones. Then was the time to make the big jump. We cried on the stage (very embarrassing), and wish everyone good luck! Then it was the battle; IB week. After that last exam, Chemistry paper 3, there is no more wondering around school. No more grumbling up the 4 flight of stairs of DaVinci. No more hanging around ZhengHe chinese class making incredibly loud noises. No more whining and dozing off in classes (or in the exam room). No more wearing the beige shirt, with holes that we’ve all been preserving the last few months left of wearing them. Then, there was laser tag was fun. Graduation was more of a proud and happy moment than a sentimental one. Prom was a moment full of make ups and dresses and suits, dancing, and all the stuff that is not my thing. Then Singapore! Point is, I haven’t really got time to look back, until yesterday when we got our results and realise it is definitely over. IB is done. You can choose to have a second try, but I’d rather not. The big question is again, WHAT NEXT?

I’ll try to make my time the most of my time useful for now. Keep myself busy. Keep learning. That would require a whole new list… hmm…